A CBS affiliate in Baltimore wrote about a protest by Second Amendment supporters over the weekend that targeted Maryland’s ineffectual anti-gun laws, noting that the infringements pushed by Governor Martin O’Malley’s citizen control cult in the Democratic Party haven’t had any impact on crime, and that it failed to stop the recent mall shooting in Columbia.

Predictably, supporters of gun control soon rallied to support O’Malley’s failed citizen control law in the comments, including the person known only as “guest” who left the following as part of long-winded comment:

It is way too easy to get a gun. Most of these gun hugging nuts jobs are not law abiding, they are in voilation [sic] of the law by owning illegal guns such as assault rifles they refuse to give up becuase [sic] they think they have a “right” to own them. Why would anyone need OFFENSIVE high powered assault rifles? They are not hunting weapons nor are handguns. For every criminal with a gun, there is a “law abiding citizen” who originally purchased it that the criminal bought or stole it from. Only “law abiding citizens” can buy guns – they are the ones arming the criminals. If you are sick of crime and all the killing, thank a “law abiding gun owner”. If it bothers you a teen had access to an assault rifle to shoot a classroom full of little kids, thank the “law abiding gun owner” who bought that gun and stored it in a manner it could be taken w/o her permission. Why did she need an assalut [sic] rifle in the first place???

Why do Americans need assault rifles? Why, to kill tyrants, of course.