A universal background check law rammed through last year by Colorado’s anti-gun Democrats is a “success” according to citizen control cultists, but in real life, they are perhaps simply being ignored.

Supporters of universal background checks for gun purchases in Colorado say 104 denials in the first six months of the law show that the regulation is working.

But the number alone doesn’t present a clear picture of the law’s effect.

Private-seller transaction data don’t separate checks conducted at gun shows — which have long been required — from newly mandated checks on private and online sales.

Opponents say the way the numbers are tracked calls into question the accuracy of the figures that gun-control supporters and Democratic lawmakers have used in touting the law’s success.

“It significantly changes, in my opinion, the validity of the Democratic talking points,” said Republican Sen. Greg Brophy on Thursday.

“I question whether really any background checks are being run on private treaty sales outside of gun shows,” he added.

Democratic Senate President Morgan Carroll, who sponsored the universal background check bill, acknowledged it would be good to have more complete data. She said, however, that the numbers indeed show “that background checks in general work.”

The weak figures posted by anti-gun Democrats in defense of the laughably-named “universal” background checks supply no data whatsoever to suggest that background checks on private sales are occurring anywhere outside gun shows, which were already required under existing state law. Colorado’s Democrats can’t apparently prove that so much as a single private sale background check has taken place as a result of the new law.

Like demands for the registration of “assault weapons” and standard capacity magazines in Connecticut and New York, Coloradans are simply ignore what they view as unconstitutional laws by rogue government.

Supporters of big government—up to and including President Barack Obama himself—are violating the Constitution and laws as they see fit across the Republic, undermining their own legitimacy in the process. It is hardly surprising that the citizenry then regards these laws and lawmakers with an equal degree of contempt.