Tomorrow South Carolina will become the last southern state to modernize their concealed carry laws to allow concealed carry permit holders to carry firearms into establishments that serve alcohol, as long as they don’t drink.

Governor Nikki Haley will sign the law at 10:30 AM on Tuesday.

Governor Nikki Haley has announced her intention to sign the Concealed Carry Reform Bill into law next week.

The Governor made the announcement on her Facebook page Saturday, writing, “Please join us as I sign the Concealed Carry Reform Bill into law Tuesday morning at 10:30, 1st floor lobby of the Statehouse. Everyone is invited! Happy Saturday!”

The bill will allow those with concealed weapon permits to bring their guns into bars and restaurants that serve alcohol. Those concealing weapons would not be allowed to drink, and anyone caught doing so would have their permit revoked for five years, and face up to two years in prison and a $2,000 fine.

South Carolina joins Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia, who have similarly worded laws.

As a practical matter, very few people end up carrying guns to bars (because surprisingly, people tend to go to bars to drink). This law primarily affects those concealed carry permit holders that go to family restaurants that also serve alcohol.

Property owners can still opt to not allow patrons to carry concealed, which is well within their rights as property owners. Law-abiding concealed carry permit holders reserve the right to take their business elsewhere.