The San Bernardino County district attorney’s office has released a 59-page report (PDF) that clears law enforcement officers involved in the firefight with former LAPD officer and rabid gun control supporter Christopher Dorner.

Dorner had murdered the daughter of the LAPD officer and her fiance on February 3, 2013, and then had engaged in shootouts with separate police units on February 7, killing one officer and striking two others. Dorner then fled to Big Bear, California, where his burning truck was discovered later in the day.  Dorner was able to hide within site of the police command post for five days before finally attempting an escape on February 12. The husband and wife he had held captive during this time were able to provide authorities information about the stolen vehicle he was driving, at which point all available law enforcement agencies attempted to converge upon him.

After swapping vehicles several times and firing upon officers that crossed his path, Dorner took cover inside a vacation cabin and engaged responding officers, critically wounding two officers in a group that he had pinned down in front of the cabin, one of whom died.

Other officers responded to the scene as Dorner continued to engage the group of officers he had pinned down in front of the cabin.

The report then goes on to described what happens next as a rescue mission.