Huffington Post writer Monica Bauer claims that she has “A New Argument for Gun Control,” but sounds like the same old worn-out lies to me.

The gun lobby frames the gun control debate using overheated rhetoric about rights that sound suspiciously like an appeal to masculinity; real men don’t let anyone take away their guns. How childish. Real men don’t need guns to be powerful. It’s time we put this argument in it’s proper perspective: ready access to guns is, in the terminology of Catholic dogma (but logical to anybody who can think) an occasion of sin. If you want to avoid committing a sin, stay away from the immediate temptation. It’s a pretty foolproof method. If you don’t want to gain weight, stay away from the cookie section of the supermarket. If it’s not in your kitchen cabinet when you’re hungry, it’s far less likely to end up on your hips.

Bauer’s argument is that you shouldn’t have individual rights, because there is a danger you might use them irresponsibly. This isn’t a new argument. It’s the exact same mindset that has championed tyranny, democide, and ruin since the beginning of human history.

Abusing Catholicism to frame her argument simply proves to us that Bauer knows as little about religion as she does the concept of liberty. It’s a repellent and dishonest attempt to claim that being faithful to God means you should bow down before criminals and the blunt force of the state.

I suspect that she’d be stunned to learn that the Catholic Church has always supported self defense, up to and including justifiable homicide when necessary. Not only does the Church consider self defense an individual right, but they feel there is a duty to defense the lives of others, as the Vatican makes plain: