The transparent goal of Massachusetts Senator Edward Markey’s ‘‘Handgun Trigger Safety Act of 2014’’ is the utter destruction of the handgun market in the United States, including prohibiting the sale, trade, transfer, shipping, leasing or distribution of handguns already in circulation.

If you think I’m being hyperbolic, please read on, as it is very easy to prove.

The proposed bill (PDF) would require all future handguns to be equipped with technology that restricts “only an authorized user of the handgun to fire the handgun.” This technology must “be incorporated into the design of the handgun” and “cannot be readily removed or deactivated.”

The technology would be required on all new handguns sold in the United States within two years of the bill being passed into law, meaning all future handguns would have to incorporate this technology… technology that doesn’t currently exist in any credible, reliable form.

In announcing his bill, Markey cited the Aramatix iP1 as a role model of his vision. It is the “best of breed” of current smart-gun technology.

The Aramatix iP1 uses “active RFID technology” which requires the handgun to be in constant communication with a specific watch within a ten-inch range. That means that watch must be worn on the shooting hand.

Read that again.

If the authorized user finds his watch hand injured or disabled, or if he needs to switch hand due to tactical considerations or any other reason, the gun fails to work 100% of the time, even for the authorized user.