This one almost slipped by us. The Southport, NC detective who shot a tased and restrained 90-pound HS student after allegedly stating, “we don’t have time for this,” was indicted by a grand jury on the charge of voluntary manslaughter earlier this month:

District Attorney Jon David held a news conference Tuesday morning to discuss details of the case.

David started by emphasizing he has been committed to a process to get the “right people in place to be efficient, but thorough, and to be fair” to both the victim’s family and the officers involved.

A grand jury took part in a presentment Monday and spent hours reviewing testimony and evidence from the case before coming to a decision around 7:30 p.m.

According to David, three SBI officers testified over the course of many hours, using diagrams to support their arguments. After hearing from those officers, the judge decided to allow Vassey to testify.

Vassey’s attorney previously told CNN that Vidal attacked the officer with a screwdriver.

The grand jury was given the directions to decide if Vassey should be indicted on second degree murder, voluntary manslaughter or not be charged at all.

After listening for hours to all the facts, it was their collective judgment that Vassey be indicted on voluntary manslaughter.

“After I reviewed the case I found that a crime almost certainly did take place,” explained David. “It was a ‘bad shoot.’ A grand jury has agreed.”

According to his stepfather, Vidal had been tased and was pinned to the ground by two other law enforcement officers when Vassey stepped between them and fired a single, killing shot.

Vassey has also been suspended without pay.