I bit my tongue a little bit last night as I posted the video of Dom Raso and his friend Jerry, the New Jersey SWAT officer, talking about “assault weapons.”

The video itself was focused on criticizing the futility of laws targeting “assault weapons” as a crime prevention measure, because they simply aren’t used in crime to a measurable degree… something on the order of two percent, perhaps less (all rifles constitute just four percent of gun crimes).

And then, after Jerry noted that new gun laws will have no impact on criminal activity Jerry said something that made me—and many of you—wince:

Where it will create more criminal activity is the average everyday citizen, that get’s caught with these guns—high capacity magazines and “assault weapons”—now with laws that didn’t exist before, they’ll be part of our national crime statistics, because they’ll now be a “violent criminal” that possesses these “horrible weapons.”

Politicians will exploit this by saying we made “25 percent more gun arrests.

Yeah… they were our citizens. They were the people that had our liberties and freedoms restricted.

Once they put these “high capacity magazines” and “assault weapons” bans back into place, I’ll be locking up the average, everyday citizens, and we’ll consider those “violent crime offenders.”

Just the mere possession of the guns they’ve always owned will make them criminals.

Jerry, and tens of thousands of law enforcement officers just like him, will go on making arrests of these “criminals” under blatantly unconstitutional laws, while claiming to support the Second Amendment… and they won’t lose a wink of sleep over it.

The simply fact of the matter is that police officers will do what their superiors tell them to do in all but the most extraordinary of circumstances.

Jerry will kick in your door, and put your head in his sights, and he won’t think twice about your right to keep and bear arms as the adrenaline is pumping, his brothers-in-arms are screaming, and you’re blinking incoherently in the blinding glare of a 450-lumen weapon light.

In the end, he will follow orders.