generic police

We posted excerpts of Bearing Arms contributor Mike McDaniel’s Connecticut: The Coming Storm last week in WHEN THEY COME: A Warning to Connecticut Police.

Some have taken issue with Mr. McDaniel’s characterization of the ineptitude of the SWAT officers depicted in the fictional confrontation that opened that article, including current duty and retired law enforcement officers.

They either do not know of Mike’s service as a SWAT officer, training officer, and journalist covering numerous “bad shoots” involving poorly trained and heavily-armed cops, or simply do not desire to hear bad things coming from someone who has stepped back on this side of the “thin blue line.”

Mike has written a follow-up to his first article in what is going to be a multi-part series at his blog.

Most people know little about the police, and TV and Hollywood depictions are not at all informative or helpful.  Some comments suggest that the fictional scenario that began the original article was “over the top,” defamatory to police officers everywhere and entirely too–well–fictional.  Unfortunately, it is all too possible, and everything in it has already happened in recent years in one way or another and in one place or another.  I’ll begin by explaining, in this and a third article, who the police are, what shapes their thinking and actions and how they respond.

There are many good cops who will defend the constitution. There are some, however, who will “just follow orders,” no matter what those orders are, unfortunately, and even a few who are nothing more than thugs with a badge. It is the latter kind which makes the current situation in Connecticut so dangerous.