This is a nightmare for everyone involved:

What Precinct 4 Constable deputies say they found here upon arrival would send shivers down any parents back.

“They found that the homeowner had discovered a 17-year-old male in his daughter’s bedroom,” said Sergeant Ben Bell with the Harris County Sheriff’s Department. “There was some sort of altercation and the father shot the male one time.”

It was the man’s 4-year-old son deputies say who first noticed the stranger in the house.

After the father’s deadly shot his 16-year-old daughter, deputies say admitted she snuck her 17-year-old boyfriend into the house.

“We don’t know if the father knew him or not,” Bell said.

While a grand jury will ultimately decide the father’s fate, prosecutor Warren Diepraam believes any criminal charges in this case are highly unlikely.

“What was going on in the person’s mind at the time of the shooting what they found out after the fact isn’t going to matter a whole bunch,” Diepraam said. “Their looking at what he was thinking when he made the decision to shoot.”

In this instance, the father was reacting to finding a stranger in his new home, in his daughter’s bedroom. His daughter apparently lied and said that she did not know the 17-year-old, who was in fact her boyfriend. The 17-year-old apparently made a sudden move and the father fired a single shot, killing him. It isn’t known at this time—and frankly, isn’t relevant—whether the trigger was pulled reflexively or intentionally by the father.

If anyone is responsible for the death, I’d blame the daughter for sneaking the boy into the house and then lying about it, and her dead boyfriend for sneaking into the home and then apparently instigating the altercation with the father.


The father, pictured above, had a panic attack as a result of the shooting, and had to be briefly hospitalized.


The mother of the dead teen says that the father owes her an apology for her son’s death.

As photos of victim Johran McCormick emerged on Friday, his heartbroken family said the least they expect is an apology from the gun-wielding dad, who constables say was on ‘several medications’ at the time of the incident.

‘I would like my baby back, but I know that’s not possible,’ the victim’s mother, Zakia McCormick, told KHOU 11 News.

‘I have never ever felt a pain like this. Ever.

‘(I want) a call, you know. ”I’m sorry”. He didn’t deserve to die that like.’

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