You can learn a lot about shooting from watching AMC’s hit zombie drama The Walking Dead, things that we’d never learn at the range, or in shooting classes.

In a zombie-infested world, where only destroying the brain of the undead ends their shambling slow-motion assault, the ability to make accurate head shots is critical. The hardened survivors who have outlasted the horde have learned some unique skills to enable them to shoot with uncanny accuracy.

These skills seem to be culled from the training of the King County (GA) Sheriff’s Department.

I’m A Little Tea Cup…

The most important single factor to accurate zombie shooting is a teacup grip, as demonstrated by almost every gun-toting survivor on this series (and others), but is especially common with King County Sheriff’s Deputy Shane Walsh, the department’s firearms instructor.

teacup 2
Come back, Shane!
princess teacup
Perfect Teacup Technique
teacup 3
Nice grip, Maggie.

It is no doubt that Shane’s skill with the teacup stance is the reason that he endures as other survivors die off one-by— wait, what?

Uh, Nevermind.

Luckily, Deputy Walsh was able to pass along his technique to other shooting experts before he died, like Jack Bauer and James Bond.

I’m an Englishman. Of course I like teacups.