Well, that went over well.

The backlash against the pub has been immediate and overwhelming. They’ve apparently felt compelled to take down their Facebook page, and various online restaurant ranking services (Yelp, FoursquareTripAdvisor) have starting to downrate them because of their sentiments.

The owners of Backstreets Pub and Deli in Clemson, SC, is free to hold any opinion they desire about gun owners in general, and concealed carry permit holders in specific. They should probably keep in mind, however, that gun owners are a large percentage of the population and tend to support one another.

As gun owners, we fully understand that not everyone shares out views, and we respect the rights of businesses to decide whether or not they will post their property. We can then decide whether or not we want to patronize these establishments.

But Backstreet went beyond merely posting (which they didn’t do in a legal way, I might add) and decided to call perspective customers “losers” and “douchebags.”

It is probably not a smart business decision to unnecessarily insult a large group of potential customers.