Oleg, you had this pegged right from the beginning.

It’s nice to see that others are seeing it too:

You’ve seen ’em: 20’s to maybe early 30’s, lavishly tattooed, some multicolor punked-up hair, a smattering of facial hardware, dressed kinda like Ukrainian circus performers dragged through an Army-Navy surplus store. Neo-Retro-Metro-Post-Apocalyptic Industrial? Okay; I exaggerate a little, but you know what I mean, right? And along with the leathers and tats, also wearing a little attitude, like “We see you lookin’ at us like freaks. What’s your problem?” I ignored ’em. Obey range rules, don’t muzzle-sweep me and we’re all good. But Uncle John was watchin’ ’em…

…Uncle John calls ’em Millennial Orphans, springing from fractured homes and forming their own “families.” Some came from big money, and walked away. Virtually all have some college, and many graduated. They were force-fed the educational establishment’s progressive propaganda-pap until they puked — too smart to become good little automatons. For many, the big awakening came about 2009.

“Our teachers and professors had hammered us with America is evil, defy authority, capitalism kills and crap like that,” Lead Dog said. “Then all of a sudden it was don’t question authority; obey the government; embrace the collective. Don’t think, just obey. That’s when we started teaching ourselves.”

They discovered new heroes, the real revolutionaries — our founding fathers — and fell deeply in love with some neglected, derided old documents: the Declaration of Independence; the Constitution; the Bill of Rights. And they saw how far we’ve drifted from them.

“They told us capitalism was wrong because lots of power could be held by a relatively small group,” Purple-Stripe explained. “But it’s clear they want to replace it with a system where another even smaller group has absolute power, with the brute force of the state to enforce it. Not happening; I’ll die first. That’s why it’s important for them to disarm us. And that’s why we have these guns. The founding fathers warned us.” She shook her curls. “Strange, isn’t it, I had to leave college to get an education?”