KCEN-TV is reporting that there is an active shooter situation on base at Fort Hood, and that the shooter is at large.

We have reports of an active shooter on Fort Hood.

We have reports that there are several injuries from this shooting. There is at least one patient being transported to the hospital.

We are also getting reports of victims in the Battle Simulation Center on 65th and Warehouse.

The suspect is still at large. The shooter was said to be in building 33026 which is the Medical Brigade Building.




This is the third attack against unarmed military personnel on a domestic based during the Obama Presidency. Despite the first Fort Hood attack in 2009, the Navy Yard Shooting, and now this second Fort Hood attack, bases are still “gun free zones.”

Bearing Arms will update this story as more information can be verified.

Update, 7:40 PM (ET): CNN and CBS News are reporting that there was a single shooter, who has apparently taken his own life. Multiple news sources are claiming that there are roughly 14 injured.

Fort Hood will be having a press conference “soon” to provide more information.

Update, 8:05 PM (ET): Multiple news sources are claiming that the shooter who died of a self-inflicted wound has been identified as 34-year-old Ivan Lopez. There are at least three fatalities, and numerous wounded.

Update, 10:02 PM (ET): Fort Hood to hold press conference at 10:15  10:30 PM (ET).

Watch live here.

Update, 11:03 PM (ET): According to gneral Milley in the press conference, the shooter transfered to Fort Hood In February. He was a truck driver, and served in Iraq for four months. He was not combat wounded and did not have a Purple Heart. Curiously, he was being tested for the possibility of a traumatic brain injury, and might have been in psychiatric medications.

Lopez used a .45 ACP Smith & Wesson in the attack (the account didn’t note whether it was an M&P or a 1911). The pistol was “recently purchased,” but no date was given. It was not registered with the Army.

Like so many of the cowards that carry out these attacks, Lopez committed suicide when he was confront by a “good guy with a gun,” who in this case was a female military policewoman.

3 people were killed in the attack, and 16 injured. All were soldiers disarmed by a process  begun by President George H.W. Bush and completed by the Army shortly after President Clinton took office at least 45 years old.

After three base shootings in the course of his Presidency, President Obama shows no sign of reversing that decision.