During a House Oversight Committee hearing yesterday on the ATF’s numerous botched “storefront” operations (which seemed to primary serve to entrap the developmentally disabled), U.S Representative Thomas Massie (KY-4) took several minutes to grill ATF Director B. Todd Jones about the ATF raid on Ares Armor.

Ares Armor was raided by the ATF several weeks ago on the premise that they were selling EP Armory parts that constituted firearms in the eyes of the ATF. All EP Armory parts were taken in the raid, but the ATF seemed even more intent on acquiring Ares Armor’s customer data, in order to build a de facto gun registry of arms that would otherwise be non-registered legally.

It gets very interesting when Massie asks Jones to promise to destroy any copies of customer data obtained by the ATF if a court determines that Ares Armor broke no laws.

I suspect that we’ll be watching yet another House Oversight Committee hearing on ATF abuses before this is all over.

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