Curiously, the article doesn’t mention who pulled the trigger in a negligent discharge that injured two members of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol:

Emergency crews responded to two gun shot victims at the Oklahoma County gun range near 36th and Air Depot Rd. Monday afternoon.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department says Oklahoma Highway Patrol was practicing at the gun range today.

According to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, one firearms instructor and one cadet in training were shot during a training exercise Monday afternoon.

While still early in the investigation, Betsy Randolph, OHP spokesperson, said that the instructor and cadet were shot by the same bullet.

Both victims were transported to the hospital in good condition.

Randolph says the cadet was shot in the leg and the instructor was shot in the hand.

I’m trying to come up with a scenario where the cadet could shoot himself (or herself) in the leg and also hit the instructor in the hand with the same bullet, and I’m having a hard time visualizing it unless ricocheting fragments played a role.

It’s a little easier (at least for me) to visualize scenarios where the instructor might have shot his (or her) support hand and while doing a demonstration of some sort, with the bullet passing through the hand to hit a cadet in the leg. Curiously, none of the other news reports about the incident have any more detail on the matter.

The OHP is clearly trying to keep a lid on the incident as they conduct their investigation. No matter how it turns out, it is relatively rare for a negligent discharge at a range to hit both the shooter and another party.

Both the cadet and instructor are listed in good condition, and are expected to make a full recovery.