A heavily armed conspiracy theorist with a hatred of police is currently on the run in Moncton, New Brunswick, a city of less than 70,000 residents on the Canadian east coast. So far, he has killed three officers and has wounded two more, for no known reason:

A man dressed in fatigues and carrying a rifle went on a rampage, killing three police officers and wounding two others.

Thursday morning, the shooter was still on the loose.

Residents were asked to keep their doors locked and their outside lights on, as helicopters hovered overhead and the hunt for the gunman continued.

Police say they know who the suspect is: 24-year-old Justin Bourque of Moncton.

What they don’t know — or haven’t disclosed — is what prompted the attacks.

Two pictures of the alleged suspect were apparently taken by a Moncton resident and provided to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Moncton, BC police shooting suspect.
Moncton, BC police shooting suspect. He’s carrying a magazine-fed rifle in his right hand as he stalked through a Moncton subdivision.
Moncton, BC police shooting suspect.
Moncton, BC police shooting suspect. His second weapon, slung across his back, is a 12-gauge pump-action shotgun. Shells for the shotgun are visible in the buttstock shell-holder.

The suspect has taken no known shots at anyone other than law enforcement officers. The RCMP has established a perimeter in the Pinehurst subdivision of Moncton, where the suspect is believed to be surrounded in a patch of woods.

A Facebook page allegedly belonging to the suspect suggests that he is pro-gun, anti-police, a one world government conspiracy theorist, a supporter of Anonymous, is and seemingly convinced that Russia may invade Canada at any nearly any moment as part of a Third World War.

Canada requires background checks for all firearms purchases, owner licensing, and all firearms were supposed to be registered with the government up until 2012, at which point the long-gun registry was officially ended. A firearms license is required to purchase ammunition. Centerfire semi-automatic rifles are (with a handful of exceptions)  limited to a 5-round magazine capacity. A license to carry a concealed handgun exists on paper, but as practical matter, does not exist.

We’ll update this story as more information becomes available.