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A man and a woman ambushed and murdered two Las Vegas Metro Police Officers eating lunch at a CiCi’s Pizza restaurant, before murdering a citizen just inside the front doors of the Walmart as they fled to the back of the store. The murderers then committed suicide as police moved in:

Two officers were killed as a result of an ambush inside a restaurant by two people who later died as law enforcement closed in on them, multiple police sources said.

A bystander shot by the suspects also died.

Las Vegas Metro police said the incident happened in a shopping center in the 300 block of North Nellis Boulevard, near Stewart Avenue, about 11:30 a.m.

According to Assistant Sheriff Kevin McMahill, a man and a woman walked into the Cici’s Pizza restaurant and shot two Metro officers who were at lunch. The suspects took the officers’ weapons and ammunition with them before fleeing.

Citing witnesses, McMahill stated the suspects shouted, “Tell the police the revolution has begun,” as they exited the eatery.

McMahill said the pair then ran over to a nearby Walmart, where the suspects shot and killed a customer.

The shooting prompted SWAT officers to be called as the suspects moved to the back of the store.

McMahill said the suspects were found dead when officers arrived. A police source said the two suspects appeared to have shot each other.

Sheriff Doug Gillespie, speaking at a press conference, says that the female suspect killed the male suspect before committing suicide.

There are several interesting and unconfirmed rumors about the shooting that we are attempting to either confirm or quash, including whether or not the two suspects were any part of a movement.

Our prayers go out to the families of the victims.