Gang member and convicted murderer Richard Magnan allegedly killed another gang member in Chicago Sunday night while “playing” with a loaded gun.

Does karma ever do drive-bys?

An accused gang member who told police he keeps a gun to protect himself from rivals accidentally shot and killed a member of his own gang while waving that weapon around outside a Southwest Side Walgreens over the Fourth of July weekend, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Richard Magnan, who has numerous face tattoos, including one that reads, “F— the world” and a White Sox logo, was friends with Joel Bentley — the man he shot in the early morning hours of July 5, Assistant State’s Attorney Alexandra Molesky said.

Magnan’s friends told him to put the gun away after he allegedly pulled the slide back and ejected a live round but he refused, Molesky said.

Magnan continued to wave the gun around and held it sideways, Molesky said.

At some point, the gun went off and a bullet struck 30-year-old Bentley in the abdomen, Molesky said.

Yes, the gun “went off” alright, precisely when Magnan pulled the trigger while pointing the pistol sideways at his fellow gang member.

We’re awaiting statements from both sets of gang parents announcing that both men were “good boys” that were in the process of “turning their lives around.”

The accused, Magnan, did eight years in prison for a previous murder, and had two previous convictions in Nevada. Obviously, he was yet another prohibited person who showed that Chicago’s draconian gun control laws are a complete and continuing failure, along with the “Great Society” social engineering that has led to continuing poverty.

By the way, the “Gangster” tattoo on Magnan’s top lip was a nice touch, don’t you think?