The Stay family was murdered by a vicious uncle hunting for his estranged wife. The young woman on the left was the only survivor, and she warned cops, who intercepted the killer on the way to the next family home he was targeting.
The Stay family was murdered by a vicious uncle hunting for his estranged wife. The (blurred out) teen daughter on the left was the only survivor. She warned cops, who intercepted the killer on his way to the next family home he was targeting.

This is sickening:

Deputy constables say a man shot and killed six people, including four children, during a domestic dispute in Spring. The alleged gunman finally surrendered Wednesday night after an hours-long standoff.

The shooting happened late Wednesday afternoon in the 700 block of Leaflet in the Enchanted Oaks subdivision. The Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office says the man, identified as 33-year-old R__ L__ H____*, shot seven family members—two adults and five children. The adults were 39 and 33 years old. The children were two boys; ages 13 and 4, and three girls; ages 15, 9 and 7.

Details are still sketchy, of course, but it appears that the murderer was going through a divorce, and that a judge had recently determined that visits with his children should be supervised.

He showed up at the Stay family home disguised as a deliveryman. He was looking for his estranged wife, whom he thought might be inside. He forced his way through the door, tied up the girl who was there, and then captured the rest of the family when they returned home. He tied them up as well, and interrogated them about the location of his wife. He then executed them all… or so he thought.

The girl he captured first was shot in the head, but survived. After the murderer left she was able to free herself and call 911, and he was intercepted on the way to another family home, presumably determined to carry out his hunt for his estranged spouse, killing everyone in his way.

It is a brutal and barbaric act… and a rabid and perpetually outraged Cliff Schecter would like you to know that you and other citizens who insist upon having your basic civil rights are to blame:

The details are still a little sketchy, but what is known so far is this: In north Harris County, in the Houston suburb of Spring, four children and two adults have been shot and killed (and a fifth child was injured) in a domestic dispute, in what would be just another massacre in the USA. Yet more of our children have been sacrificed to the right-wing Golden Calf known as the firearm, in what seems to be the largest slaughter of children since Newtown.

Schecter of course means the largest slaughter of suburban white children; the continuing slaughter in minority urban neighborhoods isn’t something of consequence to the writers of the Daily Beast, Salon, and other radically progressive web sites who are whiter than Jon Stewart watching Downton Abbey while listening to Vampire Weekend.

He empties his bile for Evangelicals, Mormons, Southerners, the NRA,  the Tea Party, “international arms dealers” and gun owners that he feels are all committing treason for refusing to give up a basic, fundamental human right to armed self-defense.

In his myopic world view, the criminal actions of the few justify the stripping of basic human rights from all citizens.

It’s a view only slightly less insane that than that of the killer himself.

I sincerely hope Cliffy doesn’t have a gun.

* Bearing Arms does not post the names of spree or mass killers.