Noted pathologist Michael Baden’s autopsy of Ferguson, Missouri’s Michael Brown seems to have discredited stories told by several eyewitnesses that the NFL lineman-sized man was shot in the back and “executed” by a local police officer. Simultaneously, the autopsy is consistent with the recently discovered eyewitness account of the shooting captured in the audio of a YouTube video taken minutes after the shooting that suggests Brown was attempting to attack officer Darren Wilson a second time when he was killed.

An image take from the autopsy  showing entry, exit, and reentry wounds to Michael Brown.
An image take from the autopsy showing entry, exit, and reentry wounds to Michael Brown.

Rioting broke out shortly after Brown’s killing when eyewitnesses from Brown’s neighborhood, including one Dorian Johnson, claimed that police officer Wilson shot Brown in the back for no apparent reason.

The officer drew his weapon, and “he said, ‘I’ll shoot you’ or ‘I’m going to shoot’ ” and almost instantaneously fired his weapon, hitting Brown, Johnson said.

Johnson and a bloodied Brown took off running, and Johnson hid behind the first car he saw, he said. The officer got out of his car.

“I saw the officer proceeding after my friend Big Mike with his gun drawn, and he fired a second shot and that struck my friend Big Mike,” Johnson told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. “And at that time, he turned around with his hands up, beginning to tell the officer that he was unarmed and to tell him to stop shooting. But at that time, the officer firing several more shots into my friend, and he hit the ground and died.”

“We wasn’t committing any crime, bringing no harm to nobody, but my friend was murdered in cold blood,” he told KMOV.

Witness Tiffany Mitchell was picking up Piaget Crenshaw for work when she saw Brown and the officer “tussling through the window.” Mitchell and Crenshaw concurred with Johnson, saying Brown appeared to be trying to pry himself away from the officer’s grasp. Brown had his hand on the police cruiser, trying to push himself away, Mitchell said.
Mitchell reached for her phone to record the encounter.

“I didn’t get the video because a shot was fired through the window so I tried to get out of the way,” she said.
After that shot, Brown broke free from the officer’s grasp, both women told CNN, and started running, but he only got about 20 feet from the squad car by Crenshaw’s estimate.

“The cop gets out of his vehicle shooting,” Mitchell said. “(Brown’s) body jerked as if he was hit from behind, and he turned around and he put his hands up. … The cop continued to fire until he just dropped down to the ground, and his face just smacked the concrete.”

The accounts by Johnson, Mitchell, and Crenshaw helped stir up riots in Ferguson which are still continuing and seem to be intensifying.  The riots have resulted in Missouri Governor Jay Nixon first imposing a curfew, then activating the Missouri National Guard last night.

These accounts which claimed Brown was shot from behind are strongly contradicted by the physical evidence, which shows all wounds to Brown were fired from his front. The shot that pathologist Baden seems to think was the fatal shot was a shot that entered the top of Brown’s skull from a downward forward angle, which would support the newest claim that NFL lineman-sized Brown was shot as he charged at the officer.

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