Moms Demand Action From Illegal Mayors In Everytown (MDAIMIE) has decided that they want to try to bully Kroger supermarkets to ban guns in their stores. Townhall columnist Michael Schaus says that the chain is rejecting the attempt outright:

Oh good… Another big business is being pressured to boycott law abiding gun owners. However, unlike Starbucks, Jack in the Box, Chipotle, and Target, Kroger has decided to reject the Bloomberg-inspired requests to ban guns on their property. I guess they (for some strange reason) didn’t feel like experiencing an uptick in violent crime and robberies.

According to the Wall Street Journal (strangely I didn’t see this report on Bloomberg News), a Kroger spokesperson has said that the company will continue to allow carry – both concealed and open carry – as allowed by local laws. In other words: If you anti-gun hoplophobs want to keep me from carrying my 1911 when I’m shopping for football-season snacks, you’re going to have to take it up with my legislators… Because my local business has (wisely) decided that such public policy debates are not really corporate-America’s jurisdiction. I mean heck, they’re a grocery company. Their main goal in life is to make a couple bucks off of selling me lotto scratch tickets (I like burning dollar bills) and perishable goods for Sunday evening chili.

Moms Demand is attempting to bully private businesses into changing their policies since they have failed miserably to win elections or influence public policy. Unfortunately, thanks to antic from certain members of the long gun open carry movement, the group scored a few minor public relations victories as some companies responded to pressure by issuing public statements without actually changing policies.

Kroger is wisely refusing to entertain with Michael Bloomberg’s latest anti-liberty group to even the slightest degree.


Sorry, Shannon. You’ll have to find your box wines somewhere else.