Moms Demand Action attempted to bully Kroger supermarkets into banning the carry of firearms in their stores.

Kroger responded by noting that they comply with federal, state, and local laws, and essentially told Bloomberg’s astroturfed group that they wouldn’t be drawn into a political debate.

In retaliation, some of these vengeful Moms Demand gun control supporters have decided to commit criminal acts, as noticed by Triangle Tactical.


This gun control supporter is not alone in her desire to commit crimes in the name of “gun sense.” Some of these bitter people are willing to not only copy Averill (who is advocating a crime that could result in a year in prison), but plot to call 911 and claim that there is a robbery in progress if they see someone lawfully carrying a firearm.

This is called “SWATting.” This deplorable practice places lives as risk and is a felony in many jurisdictions.

This sort of SWATting call appears to have led to John Crawford being shot to death in a Beavercreek, Ohio Walmart in an officer-involved incident that is still under investigation.

For women claiming they want “gun sense,” they prove time and again that they’re prone to dangerous and emotional overreactions.