If you want to obtain a concealed carry permit in most states, you have to complete a concealed carry course that covers the applicable law and examples of scenarios when lethal force self-defense might be justifiable, and show a very basic level of competence with your firearm.

In Ohio, the threshold is as follows (PDF):

The total time required for training is 12 hours: 10 hours of instruction and another two hours of experience shooting a handgun.

The law requires at least 10 hours of certified training in the following matters:

  • The ability to name, explain, and demonstrate the rules for safe handling of a handgun and proper storage practices for handguns and ammunition;
  • The ability to demonstrate and explain how to handle ammunition in a safe manner;
  • The ability to demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to shoot a handgun in a safe manner;
  • Gun-handling training.

Additionally, you must have two hours of practical training, including  range time and live-fire experience. The applicant also must complete an examination that tests his competency. The test must include a written section on the ability to name and explain the rules for the safe handling of a handgun and proper storage practices for handguns and ammunition. Additionally, the exam must include a physical demonstration of competency on handgun usage and rules for safe handling and storage of a handgun. It also must require a physical demonstration of the attitude necessary to shoot a handgun in a safe manner.

A group of Ohio judges, feeling that they are better than the citizenry, have decided to exempt themselves from this law, and have given themselves the power to carry concealed weapons just because they say so:

Appeals court judges in one southern Ohio district have decided they need to carry guns to protect themselves.

Last week, judges in the 4th District Ohio Court of Appeals authorized themselves to carry concealed handguns both in and outside the 14 county courthouses where they conduct sessions.

The court’s order exempts the judges from obtaining firearms training and a concealed-carry permit. State law already allows judges, prosecutors, bailiffs and law-enforcement officers to be armed in courthouses.

Judges do not, to the best of my knowledge, have the legal authority to simply exempt themselves from the law on a whim.

A judiciary that feels that it can literally write their own laws is a threat to not only our legal system, but to our form of government itself.

This rogue court of appeals needs to be dealt with swiftly.

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