Stephanie Hayden Ford, one of the stars of the Discovery Channel show “Sons of Guns,” has stepped forward to join her younger sister in accusing their father Will Hayden of multiple counts of rape:

Another one of William Hayden’s daughters is speaking out against the “Sons of Guns” star, saying she was also raped by her father as a child.

After Hayden’s 12-year-old daughter told police she was “orally and vaginally raped” by the gun shop owner, his older daughter, Stephanie Ford, has come forward to say she also suffered sexual abuse, TMZ reports.

Ford, who starred alongside her father on the now canceled Discovery Channel series as Stephanie Hayden, is now reportedly going to police to aid in Hayden’s prosecution, despite coming to his defense last month when the first charges of child molestation were brought against him.

It isn’t uncommon for rape victims—especially victims of multiple or habitual rapes—to have a very difficult time addressing their abuse. Denial is often their first refuge, and they often bear great amounts of guilt and shame.

Stephanie Hayden Ford and her husband have previously hinted that Stephanie was also a victim of Will Hayden, and it appears that she is now ready to make this allegations formally after discussing them with family and close friends.

Hayden is of course presumed innocent in the eyes of the law until his case has been adjudicated by a court, but the allegations of a second victim suggest that their initial victim’s claims have merit, and the family’s choice to distance themselves from Hayden also speaks volumes about what they think occurred.

Hayden’s former company Red Jacket Firearms has been run by Joe Meaux for several years, and Meaux has severed the company’s remaining ties with Will Hayden as a result of allegations. Discover Channel also canceled the television series.

Whatever the public spectacle, rest assured that the private torment of the family is far greater than what we’re seeing reported by the media.

However this case is adjudicated there will be no happy endings, just survivors.

If you are a spiritual person, I’m sure that the Hayden family—both the accused and the alleged victims—could use your prayers.

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