There are times when it is hard to find the words to explain just how mentally unhinged some gun control supporters are, but this is not one of those times.

Moms Demand Action shows that they would have rather that a youth football coach take a beating at the hands of a mob armed with brass knuckles and a handgun, than have that beating broken up when the coach’s wife drew a legally-carried concealed weapon and fire a warning shot that sent the hoodlums scattering.

They posted the following on their opposition-free Facebook page:

GUNS AT CHILDREN’S FOOTBALL GAMES: Last week a Wichita man confronted a youth football league coach about his son’s lack of playing time, and threatened him by lifting his shirt to display a handgun in the waist of his pants. Moments later, several men joined in and began beating up the 37-year-old coach. The coach’s wife then pulled out her own gun and fired it in the air to scare the men away. The coach was able to break free from his attackers and went to his car for yet another gun, which he pointed at various people in the crowd:

So far, no arrests have been made. According to Kansas state law, towns and cities may not regulate parks to preclude permitted individuals from open carrying or carrying concealed weapons. LIKE, SHARE and JOIN US to push back on the gun lobby’s efforts to allow guns everywhere:

Yes, Moms Demand wants yet another law put in place, so that the coach’s wife (the sort of “permitted individual” they are targeting) couldn’t legally possess the handgun that she used to keep her husband from being beaten by a group of 5-6 criminals who were illegally armed.

Only someone with severe problems of perception could look at this bizarre situation and feel that the “real problem” in this situation was the husband and wife legally defended each other from a gang of violent criminals.

No sane person would prefer that lawful citizens be disarmed by the law so that they must submit and be beaten senseless by violent criminals.

Obviously, saner heads have not prevailed at Moms Demand Action.