If anyone sees a fake foreign solider with a mohawk, consider him deranged and dangerous:

The suspect in last week’s fatal ambush outside a rural Pennsylvania State Police barracks belonged to a ‘military simulation unit’ whose members play the role of soldiers from eastern Europe.

Eric Frein, 31, ‘appears to have assumed that role in real life’ as he seeks to avoid capture, Lt. Col. George Bivens said.
Hundreds of law enforcement officials spent a fifth full day Wednesday looking for the gunman who concealed himself outside the Blooming Grove barracks late Friday and shot two troopers with a rifle, killing one and injuring the second.

Frein, named as the suspect after police searching an abandoned Jeep found his driver’s license and spent shell casings matching those found at the crime scene, shaved his head recently in a style resembling a Mohawk, Bivens said.

‘Investigators believe that this change was made as part of the mental preparation to commit this cowardly act,’ he said.

Further on in the article we find out that Frein has a pathological hatred of law enforcement that may (or may not) have come from a previous arrest in New York for stealing from other military reenactors. There doesn’t appear to have been any easily identifiable resolution to the case, and so we don’t know yet if he was a prohibited person, or not.


More disturbingly, Frein apparently had mentioned his hopes of carrying out a mass shooting to various people both online and in person, and no one thought to get him involuntarily committed.

Authorities suggest that he is thought to be in a one-man war against the Pennsylvania State Police, but have not said precisely why he had apparently targeted the law enforcement agency.

Frein is thought to be armed with a AKM carbine and a .308 rifle stolen from his father. That latter rifle was used to murder one officer and seriously wound another.