Tuesday night, a mob in Ferguson, Missouri, stormed a city council meeting and promised a race war if they didn’t get a pre-ordained guilty verdict in the Michael Brown affair.

“You are ISIS to black people,” one speaker told council members.

The audience jeered a woman who voiced support for the police. She received a police escort from the building after the meeting.

Speakers also threatened to shut down St. Louis Cardinals and Rams games this Sunday, disrupt weekend grocery shopping trips throughout the area and mount massive demonstrations if the Cardinals reach the World Series.

Lastly came the foreshadowing of further violence if Wilson is not charged and convicted.

“If Darren Wilson gets off, you all better bring every army you all have got. ‘Cause it’s going down,” said one speaker.

The threats come after a summer simmering with racial tension in some parts of the country, including a racist mob attack on a white shopper and two young employees at a Memphis, Tennessee Kroger several weeks ago that was caught on camera.

Islamic terrorists belonging to Hezbollah, Hamas, and ISIS are thought to be plotting Mumbai-type attacks on U.S. cities, and are said to be flooding over our virtually undefended southern border, suggesting that a strike killing dozens to hundreds is imminent. Four “known terrorists” were allegedly arrested on the border on 9/10, something that the media has decided to largely ignore.

The claim comes as Australia carried out their biggest terrorism-related raids ever, disrupting suspected ISIS cells that were going to kidnap and behead random citizens.

And of course, there are the long-running concerns in some circles that a lawless executive branch is using the ATF, BLM, EPA, FBI, IRS and other federal agencies to attack political opponents, suggesting that the federal government is now a corrupted force for tyranny, instead of a force for freedom.

Because of these issues—among others—Americans are increasing buying not just firearms, but are also increasingly investing in both soft body armor of the kind used by police to resist pistol bullets, and also hard armor plates similar to those worn by the military, designed to stop multiple rifle bullets.

Are you among those who are augmenting the ability to project force with rifles, pistols, and shotguns, with the ability to resist lethal force with bullet resistant armor?

If so, why did you decide to invest in armor?

If not, why do you think it isn’t needed?