Meet Clifford Helm.

Mr. Helm is the primary suspect in the theft of 29 weapons—including machine guns—and 20,000 rounds of ammunition stolen in Indianapolis this past Friday night/early Saturday morning. His accomplice Linda Panken is also cooling her heels in jail.

Helm said that he “had no idea” what was in the trailer when he stole it, and yet, when authorities came knocking at his door, he’d already managed to unload roughly 20 of the weapons. Authorities are very tight-lipped about which guns are missing, but I suspect it is far to assume that they include automatic weapons.

While we’re admittedly reading between the lines and veering into speculation, it almost sounds like Clifford was the patsy for someone wanting to get their hands on a large number of machine guns and plenty of ammunition for those weapons.

If the weapons end up being used in the sort of soft-target terror attack we’ve been hearing the experts worrying about as Islamic terrorists stream over the unprotected southern border, Cliff’s problems may be just beginning.

What do you think: was Helms stealing a random trailer to turn a quick buck, or was he stealing firearms for people far more dangerous?