Shaneen Allen, the Pennsylvania mother of two young boys that a disgusting judge and prosecutor in New Jersey, “wanted to make an example of” due to their hatred of firearms and legal gun owners, has been granted entry into a pre-trial diversion program:

It appears that Shaneen Allen will be avoiding prison time after she was charged with bringing her legal firearm into New Jersey. Allen, a Pennsylvania resident and mother of two, bought a handgun and obtained a concealed carry permit after being robbed twice; she doesn’t have a criminal record. The problem is that New Jersey does not have a reciprocity agreement with Pennsylvania regarding concealed carry permits.

As Katie wrote in a previous post, she accidentally brought her firearm into New Jersey, where she willingly informed a police officer, who had pulled her over for a traffic violation, that she was carrying her handgun. As a result, she faced up to ten-years in prison.

The judge and prosecutor had wanted to send Allen to prison for a decade for not knowing that her Pennsylvania concealed carry permit doesn’t grant reciprocity across state lines like a driver’s license.

Once Allen completes the terms of the diversion program, she will not have a criminal record and will retain her concealed carry permit.

This was not a victory for gun rights in New Jersey.

There were merely a fortuitous set of circumstances that forced Atlantic County Prosecutor Jim McClain to attempt to “cover his butt” politically after having been exposed as the prosecutor that was going to send Allen to prison, after having sent Ray Rice to the same diversion program for knocking out his fiancee.

McClain still likely thinks that having a concealed weapon is worse than beating your wife… he just can’t expect to keep his job if he makes that his official position.