A chucklehead in New Jersey shot down a remote control quad-rotor that was taking pictures for the owner of a home under construction. Neither the owner of the remote-control aircraft nor the police were thrilled with bargain-basement anti-aircraft fire, and the idiot was quickly arrested.

Lower Township Police said they received a call Friday around 5:30 p.m. from the drone’s owner who said he was flying the device over his friend’s home along the 1000 block of Seashore Drive in Lower Township, Cape May County to gather some aerial photographs of construction being done at the home when the drone suddenly went down.

Right before the man lost control of his drone he heard what sounded like several gunshot blasts, said investigators.

When he recovered the drone, the owner found several holes in the device, police said.

When police arrived, the victim pointed them in the direction of where he heard the blasts. Police then arrived at 32-year-old Russell Percenti’s home. At the home, officers found the shotgun “used to shoot down the drone,” police said.

Percenti’s shotgun has been confiscated, and he has been released on $250 bail.

Curiously, there are those attempting to defend the apparently paranoid Percenti in the comments sections on several of the articles covering this story, as if shooting the photographer’s remote-controlled aircraft flying over someone else’s property with permission could possibly be justified.

I bet he didn’t even use the right ammo.