AND SHE STABBED HIM IN THE HEAD: Why Gun Control Supporters Don’t Trust You With Guns

Posted at 7:54 am on October 03, 2014 by Bob Owens

Sarah Silverman describes the moment she stabbed Al Franken in the head on a whim. She found the assault on her friend and mentor hysterically funny.

If you ever hear of a gun control rally happening nearby, do yourself a favor and make it a point to attend.

Do not go to share your opinion on the subject or confront their ideas as a counter-protestor, simply go to their event and listen.

If you experience turns out to be anything at all like the experiences I’ve had, you’ll note a sort of nervous energy in the supporters of gun control. If you spend time listening to them, you’ll probably see them swing back and forth from sorrow to a anger, and back again… often within the span of a few minutes. There’s often chanting involved, a repeated catch-phrase, or a mantra to help keep them focused on the cause.

Almost invariably, they’ll veer from mania to depression, and show signs of poor impulse control.

In the clip above, noted liberal comedian and rabid gun control supporter Sarah Silverman discusses—quite matter-of-factly—how she impulsively stabbed now-Senator Al Franken in the head with a pencil, completely on a whim.

In her self-segregating world of actors, musicians, and artists, there is a long history of mental instability, substance abuse, and poor impulse control. This is her world.

Silverman seemed perplexed that others didn’t find the humor in her stabbing Franken in the temple.

She thinks crazy is normal.

Sarah Silverman knows that she can’t be trusted with sharp objects, much less firearms. She knows in her heart that if she owned a firearm she’d fly into a manic state and murder someone, or fall into a fit of depression and kill herself. No wonder guns terrify her. She should never be around firearms.

What she doesn’t grasp is that the majority of people in this world outside of the tiny celebrity world she inhabits are much calmer, reasoned, and even-keeled than she.

We don’t have her deficiencies… and the rest of us shouldn’t be punished with controlling laws that she thinks she needs to protect the world from herself, and others like her.

Crazy is normal in the world of gun control supporters.