Reed made the following statement in an editorial to

Before the day I was forced to use my body to shield my 17-year-old daughter from bullets flying outside a Safeway, I hadn’t thought much about the dangers of open carry at grocery stores.

I’m a gun owner. I was raised around guns. And, I respect them. But I can tell you firsthand that is impossible to tell the difference between someone who is open carrying a gun to make a political statement and someone who is preparing to take your life.

// fords. The gunman took a few steps out of the grocery store and began shooting in the parking lot. It took only 22 seconds to kill six people, including 9-year-old Christina Taylor Green, and injure another 13. I was shot three times: once in each arm, and finally in the back.

The shooting was front and center on national news for weeks, but something that you may not know is that for about 15 minutes before the gunman in Tucson fired into a crowd and at a member of Congress, he openly carried his weapons through the aisles of a grocery store for all to see. This is behavior that Kroger considers acceptable inside its stores.

Reed’s statement—like so many statements made by Moms Demand Action—is categorically false.

This would have been remarkable, as the killer used a Glock 19 with an extended 31-round magazine that wold have been highly visible if not very carefully concealed.

Neither Safeway staff nor the taxi driver who brought the killer to the store, nor any other witnesses, nor the store’s internal or external security cameras, saw the firearm until the murderer was about to open fire.

Another Moms Demand supporter, Jennifer Longdon, was similarly caught in another apparent lie earlier this year.


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