Utah County Attorney Jeff Buhman said that the shooting of a man who allegedly lunged at officers with a drawn sword was justified.

An officer-involved shooting that killed a 22-year-old Saratoga Springs man in September was justified, Utah County Attorney Jeff Buhman said Monday.

Buhman announced his findings after a nearly 2-month long investigation into the Sept. 10 death of Darrien Hunt.

“I find that Saratoga Springs Cpl. Matthew Schauerhamer and Officer Nicholas Judson were justified in their use of deadly force against Mr. Hunt,” said Buhman. “Their belief that deadly force was necessary to prevent death or serious bodily injury was reasonable.”

When Cpl. Schauerhamer and Officer Judson approached Hunt outside a Saratoga Springs Top Stop convenience store, investigators said their entire exchange only last 37 seconds.

Both officers noticed Hunt was carrying a sword in a sheath, and as they spoke, Schauerhamer asked him to put it down.

“I can’t do that,” Hunt said, according to documents. “It’s my sword.”

That’s when Hunt lunged at both of them, according to Buhman.

Prosecutors interviewed the officers involved in the shooting, eyewitnesses, and the physical evidence—including Hunt’s autopsy—in reaching their decision.

Previously, Hunt’s mother lashed out at “those stupid cops” and blamed them for the “murder” of her son “over a toy.”

Does this look like a toy to you?

Hunt’s mother wants to blame the police, and insists that the officers involved were racist for shooting Hunt, who was shot both in the front and in the back after her turned to run, weapon still in hand.

Like so many family members of dead criminals, she can’t seem to wrap her mind around the fact that it was her son’s decision to not only refuse to comply with officers, but to actively become a threat when he drew the sword from its sheath after officers told him to put it down.

Saratoga Springs officers were justified in opening fire, and in shooting until Hunt was neutralized and was no longer a threat to officers or others.

Perhaps Susan Hunt should spend less time whining about imaginary racism, and more time teaching her remaining children not to lunge at officers with edged weapons.