Chrissy Campbell claims to have found .22LR ammunition in her child's Halloween candy.
Chrissy Campbell claims to have found .22LR ammunition in her child’s Halloween candy.

A woman in Pebbles, Ohio, is claiming to have found .22LR ammunition in her son’s Halloween candy.

An Adams County mother expected candy boxes her son received for Halloween to be loaded with calories. She didn’t expect them to be loaded with ammunition.

Those are live bullets in my child’s trick-or-treat bag,” said Chrissy Campbell.

Campbell was even more upset that the candy boxes with the ammunition came from her son’s preschool.

“I just want answers. I want to know why it was in my kid’s treat bag. I want to know who did it,” she said.

Campbell said her 4-year-old son, Landon, opened a box of Milk Duds and asked, “What’s this?”

Campbell said she took the box from him and then started going through the other Milk Dud boxes in the bag.

“I opened up the second box; more bullets. I opened up the third box; more bullets. I opened up the fourth box; more bullets. I’m like, ‘That’s not a coincidence, that’s not a mistake,’” Campbell said.

There were a total of four boxes, each with three rounds inside. All appeared to be .22 caliber.

The candy came from the preschool in Peebles that Campbell’s son attends. Campbell said parents brought in the candy and it was put in bags, then given out at the preschool during a Halloween event.

Campbell said the Milk Duds boxes were inside a small, black bag that said, “Eat, drink and be scary.” That bag was inside a bigger white bag with Landon’s name on it that contained other candy.

Landon received four Milk Dud boxes containing the ammo, and no other parents of any of the other kids at the school received similar boxes.

This seems… odd.

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