Our friend Andrew Branca of The Law Of Self Defense has a new post up at law blog Legal Insurrection which notes a list of demands that Ferguson activists have delivered to police in advance of the grand jury’s expected decision in the Michael Brown affair.

For those of you who have been pulling a Rip Van Winkle, Michael Brown was an 18-year-old the size of an NFL offensive lineman (6’4″, 292 lbs) who lived in Ferguson, Missouri (a St. Louis suburb). In August, a Ferguson, MO police officer named Darren Wilson attempted to stop Brown for matching the description of a strong-arm robbery suspect. Brown allegedly attacked Wilson through window of his police SUV and attempted to take the officer’s gun. According to accounts, two shots were fired in the vehicle in the struggle over the gun. Brown then attempted to flee. Wilson exited his vehicle and told Brown to freeze.

Eyewitnesses offer radically different accounts of what happened next.

Some claim that Officer Wilson then shot Brown in the back as he was fleeing, that Brown turned around and put his hands up, and that Wilson then essentially executed Brown as he stood there trying to surrender.

Other witnesses said that Brown never put his hands up, but instead had them out, and that he was advancing on Officer Wilson when he was shot, despite Wilson’s commands to “freeze.”

Leaks within the U.S. Department of Justice suggest that there isn’t evidence to warrant a civil rights case against Wilson, and there are leaks—seemingly calculated to deflate the tension—that suggests that Wilson did indeed act properly in shooting a felony robbery and battery suspect who was refusing command to stop and was advancing upon the officer to perhaps attack him again after attempting to take the officer’s weapon just seconds before.

Unfortunately, the latter, more probable reality flies in the face of a carefully crafted Michael Brown “hands up, don’t shoot” mythology that has made Brown an unlikely martyr and catalyst for a coalition of race hustlers, Marxists, anarchists, cop-haters, and opportunistic thugs, who seek to capitalize on a smoldering mass hysteria.

The document the arrogant activists provided under the title “Proposed Rules Of Engagement” may as well be titled “Get Out Of Our Way And Let Us Riot And Loot With Impunity.”

The 19-item list is—to put it bluntly—a bat guano crazy statement of intent to riot.

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