Alinskyite Gun Control Group Pushes the Racist Idea of “Smart Guns” Again, Still.

Posted at 5:06 pm on November 12, 2014 by Bob Owens

The Rev. James Manship, left, co-chairman of CONECT, speaks at a press conference announcing a joint effort with Do Not Stand Idly By to leverage the purchasing power of state and local governments to pressure gun manufacturers to adopt gun safety technology, Monday at the Morton Government Center in Bridgeport.

A gun control group attempting to masquerade as safety organization is attempting to bully manufacturers into pushing so-called “smart-guns” and micro-stamping technologies that have little to no consumer demand.

Advocates of reducing gun violence are turning to the basic market forces of capitalism to win the day.

A total of 63 jurisdictions in 13 states have joined the strategy, “Do Not Stand Idly By,” to push gun manufacturers to promote smart gun technologies if they want municipalities and states to continue buying from them to equip safety personnel.

Some of the technologies include: The use of chips and other devices that allow only the gun’s owner to use the firearm.

The police chiefs, sheriffs, mayors and governors who signed on estimate that taxpayer-funded purchases of firearms make up 40 percent of sales by firearms’ companies. The bigger part of that number, about 25 percent, are the armed forces and the rest are local and state purchases.

Several dozen faith leaders and public officials came together in Bridgeport’s Margaret Morton Center Monday to ask gun manufacturers to take some responsibility for the number of deaths by firearms every year, particularly in the nation’s cities.

The author of the accidentally amusing article says that this is an example of “basic market capitalism.”

I think she slept through Economics 101.

What do I mean by that?

Do Not Stand Idly By is a coalition of anti-gun clergy and socialist activists groups organized by the philosophies and tactics of Saul Alinsky.

The members of the group are all left-wing radicals, and want to push “smart gun” technology that is still in its infancy, along with another failed technology we’ve discussed before, micro-stamping.

Neither of these technologies has serious market interest from the military, agency, or civilian firearm markets.

While various attempts at “smart guns” have been around for years, the technologies have proven—without exception—to be fragile, unreliable, and failure-prone. Here are Bearing Arms we’ve written extensively about the systemic failures of the “best of breed” of existing smart guns, the Armatix iP1/iW1 firearm/watch combo. We’ve also covered the failure of micro-stamping in detail, and how that technology actually makes guns using it more prone to dangerous catastrophic failures through case failure.

The fact is that the market simply doesn’t want these technologies, which makes firearms much more expensive and much more unreliable in a “lose-lose” argument. The only people who want “smart guns” mandated are those who have no interested in purchasing them.

These technologies primarily exist as barriers to significantly increase the complexity and cost of firearms.

The obvious goal these groups is to force firearms companies to manufacture guns that the economically disadvantaged cannot afford, which disproportionately affects those in poverty-stricken neighborhoods where people need the right to bear arms the most.

Put bluntly, Do Not Stand Idly By is pushing gun control via economic racism.

I’m fairly certain that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who had a house full of firearms, would be appalled.

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