The family of criminal alien Juventino Bermudez Arenas is complaining that he had his hands up and was attempting to surrender to police when he was shot at a total if 15 times by three police officers outside an McMinnville, Oregon convenience store on November 15.

Police in McMinnville, Oregon, released graphic dashboard camera footage on Monday showing the deadly officer-involved shooting of a suspect outside a 7-Eleven last month. Family members have argued that the suspect, identified as Juventino Bermudez Arenas, had his hands up and intended to surrender, but police claim the video proves officers faced a “lethal threat.”

Officers responded to the scene after Arenas allegedly stabbed a college student several times at the McMinnville 7-Eleven. The student, Parker Moore, ended up dying from his injuries.

Arenas apparently later returned to the scene of the crime. Family members claimed he returned to turn himself in.

However, when police confronted the suspect, he was still clutching a knife in his hand and appeared “agitated.”

Good luck selling that “Ferguson” narrative, folks.

The family somehow forgot to mention that Arenas had just randomly stabbed college student Parker Moore to death inside the store without provocation, returned to the store with the weapon in hand, refused to drop it, and still had it in his raised hands as he advanced to within 10-12 feet of the police before they opened fire.

The dashcam video (above) filmed by one patrol car on the scene is relatively uneventful for the first six minutes, but begins to get interesting at the 6:11 mark as Arenas—wearing a white shirt—inexplicably walks into frame and nonchalantly stands beside the convenience store as officers interview someone just outside the front door. Neither the eyewitness the cops are interviewing nor the police themselves seem to take note of Arenas calmly standing just yards away until another witness runs up (6:47 in the film) from the right side of the police car and points out Arenas as the murderer. Three officers then turn and draw their weapons on Arenas, repeatedly ordering him to get down and drop the weapon.

Arenas does have his hands up… holding the same knife he just used to murder Parker Moore.

Arenas slowly continues to advance, refuses to listen to police orders to drop the weapon, and then a fusillade of shots ring out, and he drops out of frame at 7:04, obviously having taken multiple center-mass hits.

Arena’s family apparently want to turn this into a “Michael Brown”-type incident.

I would instead argue instead that it’s just one more data point for deporting the millions of criminal aliens that President Obama is illegally attempt to grant amnesty beyond the scope of his constitutional powers.

People seem to forget that each and every criminal alien is, without exception, a criminal.

The only question about them is how many other crimes they will commit while they are in this country, and who else is going to suffer or even die as a result.