RTFM: Man Loses Fingers When Gun Explodes Due To Using Wrong Powder
The Indiana Department Of Natural Resources posted this photo as a reminder of why shooters must use the correct type of gunpowder in their firearms. (Facebook)

The Indiana DNR Law District 7 posted a photo to their Facebook page that highlights the dangers of using the wrong kind of gunpowder in your firearm.

The DNR post was captioned:

Corporal Eric Doane worked a firearm accident last night in Martin County that resulted in the shooter losing a couple fingers. This is what can happen when you shoot smokeless powder out of a muzzleloader designed for black powder.

The photo speaks for itself.

Every new gun sold comes with an instruction manual that features a warning to only use ammunition specifically designed for your firearm. Read the freaking manual.

This applies equally to blackpowder firearms as it does cartridge firearms, and replacing blackpowder with the more powerful, faster-burning modern propellants is just asking to turn your firearm into a grenade.

Looking at the shattered stock and barrel, the shooter is very lucky that all he lost was a few fingers, and not his life.