The CNN headline and lede boldly proclaim that horror of a school shooting at Rosemary Anderson High School in Portland, Oregon, claiming that three people were shot there.

It’s just too bad that the story simply isn’t true, as the text of CNN’s own report makes clear.

Three people were shot Friday afternoon near a high school in Portland, Oregon, Lt. Rich Tyler of the Portland Fire Department said.

The victims were breathing and conscious as they were transported from the area near Rosemary Anderson High School, according to the Portland Police Department.

Police said the shooting occurred off campus and that the shooters had left the scene. No arrests had been reported.

“Near.” “Off Campus.”

Words still mean things, right?

It is very relevant that Rosemary Anderson is not a normal school campus of 1,000+ students that most of us envision when we hear the words “high school.”

It would perhaps help to paint a more accurate picture if CNN were honest and admitted that Rosemary Anderson HS is an “alternative” school shoved into a storefront location serving young adults that have what can charitably called “issues.” Most of the student body was expelled from traditional schools, or were drop-outs. There are something less than 190 students, according to the school’s web site.

The shooting was a total of five shots fired at teens standing in front of the building, and appears to be gang-related.

The story isn’t remotely what they claimed, but the reality of another gang-related shooting in a liberal paradise isn’t going to sell near the advertising that a “school shooting” would on a relatively slow news day.


This is CNN.