We warned people more than a year ago against the antics of Gilberton, Pennsylvania police chief Mark Kessler:

We have the Founders on our side. We have the Constitution on our side. We have facts and data on our side. All we need to defeat the gun control movement are supporters of the Second Amendment who can calmly and rationally defeat the gun control movement’s emotionally-driven, logic-challenged propaganda.

What we don’t need is a foul-mouthed, inarticulate clod who reminds us of little more than Lindsey Lohan with an AK-47, who does little more than give ammunition to the gun control movement.

Later we stated:

If Gilberton, PA Police Cheif Mark Kessler was any more stereotype of the foul-mouthed idiot gun-owner, I’d swear he was a Sasha Baron Cohen creation bankrolled by Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

 Now Kessler is coming forward to claim that his antics were all an act to help the federal government identify various “anti-government extremists.”

A former small-town Pennsylvania police chief who posted online videos of himself ranting obscenely about liberals and the Second Amendment while shooting automatic weapons secretly fed information on people he considered militia members, anti-government extremists and so-called “sovereign citizens” to the FBI and state police, according to documents he showed to The Associated Press.

The extent of former Gilberton Chief Mark Kessler’s relationship with state and federal law enforcement, whether they asked for the information, what they did with it, and how they viewed him all remain unclear.

FBI spokesman J.J. Klaver said the agency does not comment on people who claim to be informants. State police also declined comment.

The ex-lawman attracted attention last year after posting incendiary videos of himself spraying machine-gun fire and cursing liberals and others. The videos got hundreds of thousands of views online.

Kessler said that individuals advocating insurrection and violence contacted him as a result of the videos, and he saw them as a threat and had a responsibility to report them to federal and state authorities.

I don’t find Kessler to be any more credible now that he was then.

It is my contention that he was likely sincere in every single word that he said at the time, and that he only started feeding information to the FBI and state police once he realized that he might be held responsible for the actions of some of the violent fringe elements that were drawn to him like moths to a flame.

Kessler is attempting to rehabilitate his name, presumably in order to make himself more marketable. No one wants to hire a raving loon to be a law enforcement officer, and Kessler’s Internet infamy precedes him at every turn.

Don’t believe the hype.