I’m still battling a case of the flu that hit just before Christmas, so pardon me if I just drop this here:

Customs and Border Protections officers arrested two men for attempting to leave the United States with over 1,000 rounds of ammunition wrapped around their waste at the Port of Paco on Saturday, Dec. 27.

I sincerely hope that the journalist meant that the ammunition was “wrapped around their waists.” If not…. yuck.

Angel Ozuna  and Marco Antonio Aguirre were arrested after the officers discovered a combined 1,100 rounds of ammunition hidden under their clothing. The men, both U.S. citizens, were turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the ammunition was seized.

It isn’t clear whether the men were smuggling ammunition to help arm one of the many criminal narcotics cartels in Mexico, or if they were instead attempting to smuggle ammunition to equip private citizens and militias that have armed themselves against not just gangs, but corrupt police and the Mexican military.

Obtaining firearms legally in Mexico is nearly impossible under the nation’s draconian laws, but gun ownership in the nation is still common due to high levels of criminal activity.