In an borderline insane and completely indefensible post, Forbes contributor Niall McCarthy claims:

When it comes to gun ownership in the United States, nowhere comes close to the state of Wyoming. With 196 registered firearms for every 1,000 residents, it ranks as America’s most gun-friendly state by a considerable distance. Even though Wyoming is awash with guns, one for every five residents, its violent crime rate is relatively low compared to other states. Nevertheless, a high rate of gun suicide is still cause for serious concern.

Washington, D.C. comes second on the list of per capita gun ownership with 66 firearms per 1,000 residents. Arkansas rounds off the top three with 42. At the opposite end of the scale, Delaware , Rhode Island and New York have the least registered guns, with 4.2, 3.8 and 3.3 firearms per 1,000 residents respectively. Around 90 people are killed by guns every day in the United States, adding up to a grim total of 32,000 every year.
You'll Never Believe What This Insane Forbes Article Considers The 2nd Most "Gun-Friendly" State

There are a number of problems with McCarthy’s absurd claim, starting with the facts that:

  • Most states don’t require owners to register firearms, meaning that the “data” cannot possibly be correct
  • Washington, DC, isn’t a state
  • Washington, DC is easily the least gun-friendly city of any significant size anywhere in the United States, where of all kind are heavily regulated, and legal concealed carry is a practical impossibility.

This is Vox-level incompetence.

I can only assume that Forbes  and Statistica has fired all of their editors and fact-checkers… or should.