An armed robbery spree ended Wednesday night when the robber negligently discharged his shotgun as he attempted to pull the weapon from his pants, hitting himself in the leg. The genius didn’t get very far.

A 21-year-old suspected of using a shotgun to order victims to the ground in one of three robberies Wednesday night accidentally shot himself in the leg during his final heist, police said Thursday.

After injuring himself with the gun, Donnello Knowles ran to a friend’s apartment across the street from a gas station he robbed at gunpoint, according to the Stockton Police Department.

Knowles’ friend called for help, prompting officers to respond to the 8100 block of Palisades Drive, police said. The events took place Wednesday night, officers said.

When investigators showed up to the apartments, they determined Knowles matched the suspect description from three recent robberies — of a nail salon, a Subway restaurant and a Valero gas station.

Knowles was suffering from a gunshot wound to his leg when officers saw him near the front of the complex. He also had money from the robbery in his clothes, police said.

Officers also quickly located the shotgun used in each crime, with the spent shell from the shot he fired into himself still in the chamber. Knowles—who did not cover his face in one of the robberies that night, offering security cameras some very nice still photos—did everything except leave photo ID at the scene to tie himself to the crimes.

Authorities are now attempting to see if Knowles is tied to other recent robberies in the area.

If the circumstances of Knowles’s shooting and arrest sound familiar they should; they closely parallel the crime spree, self-inflicted wound, and capture of a quartet of mouth-breathing morons in South Carolina less than two weeks ago.