Some people who encounter disaster are utterly destroyed by the experience, and never recover from the trauma. Others shake their heads, push through the pain, and attack life with incredibly ferocity. They know just how fleeting and temporary life is, and they determined to make the best of the time they have.

“She’s a Pistol” gun shop owner and self-defense trainer Rebecca Bieker is such a fighter.

Just weeks after her husband Jon was killed in a shootout defending her from four armed robbers at their gun store in Shawnee, Kansas, Rebecca Beiker is restarting self-defense classes offered through their gun store.

FOX 4’s Kathy Quinn reported that the owner is not sure when the store will reopen for business but Bieker wants to get back to teaching classes.

Bieker was showing a gun to one of the suspects when gunfire broke out and her husband was shot.  She was also injured during the shoot out.

Three men have been charged with first degree murder. They are set for court April 20 and being held on a $500,000 bond. The fourth suspect is still in the hospital.

“We will not stay down but will get back up and fight,” Bieker expressed through a spokesperson and on social media.

Some of the classes announced include:

  • Carjacking safety Saturday, Jan. 31
  • The Bill of Rights Saturday, Jan. 31
  • Pistol orientation Tuesday, Feb. 3

A full list of upcoming classes is available online at the She’s a Pistol web site.

Mrs. Bieker had previously made a statement via the store’s Facebook page about the shooting and the tragic loss of her husband, and says that she wouldn’t be alive if Jon didn’t have a gun to fight back against criminals.

Thank you to my friends, family, and community for their love, prayers, and support during this very difficult time. I have lost my husband in this senseless murder. Although tragic, he saved my life because he carried a firearm. Guns are not evil. I would not be able to make this statement if private citizens such as Jon and I were banned from owning them…

Jon Biekert was able to put rounds into three of the four criminals that had ambushed his wife. Three are facing first degree murder charges in his death. The fourth, who had to be placed into a medically induced coma to be treated for his injuries, has not yet been charged.

He will also face murder charges if he survives.

Rebecca Bieker is determined to use this tragic experience to learn to train others to survive and persevere through the worst that life can throw at them.

She is indeed a pistol.


[Image via She’s A Pistol’s Facebook page]