A Durham, North Carolina police officer in an unmarked car was targeted by a volley of shots today fired by a suspect in another vehicle. Fortunately, the criminal who attacked the officer missed with all shots fired, and was such a bad shot that he only hit the officer’s car once:

A Durham police officer escaped injury Wednesday when someone fired a shot at his unmarked patrol car.

The shooting occurred shortly before noon near the intersection of South Street and Scout Drive, police said.

The car was hit by one bullet, police spokeswoman Kammie Michael said. But police blocked off several streets in the area, saying numerous shell casings were in the street, and forensic technicians needed to process the crime scene.

Sierra Williams said she was sitting on her porch nearby when she heard at least seven shots fired. She described the scene as “basically a war zone.”

“I lost count after seven, and those were the big shots I heard. So, after that, I ran in the house,” Williams said. “Something is always happening in this neighborhood or around this neighborhood. Only thing we can do is stay in the house.”

The officer, whose name hasn’t been released, drove away from the area after the shooting.

Police Chief Jose Lopez said the officer was clearly targeted, saying that the officer was on his way to conduct official business when someone in another vehicle opened fire.

As noted in the headline, this is the third attempted targeted killing of a Durham police officer since late December, and there haven’t been any arrests or even any good leads in any of the incidents.

One officer sitting in a squad car doing paperwork caught a glimpse of movement in his rearview mirror and was able to avoid an assassination attempt that mimicked the murders of NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu just a week before. The Durham officer escaped the attempted murder with minor injured incurred while taking cover from the six shots fired at him.

Days later in another post-Christmas attack, an off-duty officer was fired upon in his home. No one was injured in that attack, either.

It seems to be only a matter of time before this attempted cop killer (or cop killers) actually hits someone, though with the accuracy displayed so far (0-14 if my count is correct), it will probably be an innocent bystander downrange instead of a targeted officer.

The national media are not commenting on the string of shootings, and I don’t know if that is simply because they don’t know that this is part of a strong of shootings, if they simply don’t care about the string of shootings, or if they are simply attempting to avoid commenting on this kind of story, which undermines the preferred “police are predators” narrative favored by the mainstream media.