A Charlotte, NC Harris Teeter supermarket was held up by an armed robber yesterday, just two weeks after a small group of Moms Demand Action protesters harassing a nearby Harris Teeter location claimed that there was no need for citizens to be armed for self defense while grocery shopping.

WCNC-Charlotte reports:

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are investigating an armed robbery at a south Charlotte Harris Teeter on Sunday.

Police said a man robbed the Harris Teeter in the StoneCrest shopping center on Rea Road around 5 a.m. Sunday.

The suspect walked into the store and pointed a gun at employees before taking money from a cash register, according to police.

The Rhea Road location of Harris-Teeter that was robbed yesterday is just 12 miles from the site of the January 24 protest, where a tiny cadre of  “about ten”* shrill white women complained that they’ve come back “when the store is safe.”

The demanding moms are going to go hungry or burn a considerable amount of gas money finding a “gun free zone” to shop for groceries in North Carolina. Most grocery store chains in North Carolina allow the open or concealed carrying of firearms in compliance with state law.

This includes all Target locations where Moms Demand had declared “victory” earlier this year, falsely stating that the chain had changed policy. Target only issued a press release few customers are aware of asking customers to leave their firearms at home, and implemented no policy changes posting stores against the carry of firearms at all.

Harris Teeter is owned by Kroger, which has previously been the target of Moms Demand and which had kindly told the gun prohibitionist group that they will not bend to their bullying attempts.


* The video accompanying the story showed three women and one hen-pecked husband. The other six protesters were apparently part of a rounding error.