Moms Demand Action has a documented history of using their (ironically) armed security guards to harass and even assault gun rights advocates, such as when one of bodyguards for Shannon Watts “got physical” with a producer for Dana Loesch in Indianapolis last year.

Now C.J. Grisham, the President of Open Carry Texas, says that an armed bodyguard for another Moms Demand Action staffer assaulted him while he was attempting to film an interview being conducted with by a Moms Demand representative in the Texas Capitol.

The alleged assault happened at the end of this video filmed by Grisham.

Grisham does not appear to be disruptive while filming the interview, and does not appear to say anything.  There does not seem to be any reason whatsoever for the Moms Demand Action bodyguard to get physical with him.

Grisham then described the assault.

Later, Grisham identified this man in the plaid shirt (below) as the Moms Demand Action bodyguard that assaulted him.

Grisham wanted to press charges and told police that he had witnesses. Officers talked to the bullying Moms Demand Action bodyguard, but refused to arrest him.

Moms Demand Action leadership has a long history of attempting to bully private citizens and companies alike. It should not be that much of a surprise that that bullying behavior extends to the armed muscle that they obviously require, but would deny every other citizen.