Oh Florida Man, why must you keep me so busy?

A southwest Florida man put his dead neighbor in the bed of his pickup truck and drove to his lawyer’s office claiming he’d killed the man in self-defense.

Attorney Robert Harris told the News-Press of Fort Myers that 52-year-old John Marshall showed up around 4 p.m. Wednesday, saying he didn’t know who else to trust.

Attorneys called 911 and Marshall spent hours at Harris’ office before finally leaving for the hospital around 10:30 p.m. He had a swollen lip, missing tooth and what appeared to be two broken thumbs.

You should never, ever attempt to alter a crime scene in any way, with moving the body of your alleged attacker being just about one of the most suspicious things that you can do. Picking up the victim, putting him in a truck and driving him 25 miles to your lawyer is a terrible idea.

Marshall claims to have killed the victim after the victim came at him with a gun and began pistol-whipping him during a property dispute. Marshall claims that that gun “went off” in the dispute, killing the neighbor. The gun’s serial number was traced back to the neighbor, which may be the reason Marshall hasn’t been arrested  in the killing despite having a history of violence.

This is going to be a bizarre case to watch unfold.