A 20-year-old Ferguson protester has been arrested for the shooting of two police officers in front of a Ferguson, Missouri police station last week:

Jeffrey Williams was arrested Saturday night and is charged with two counts of assault in the first degree, three counts of armed criminal action and firing a weapon from a vehicle, St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch said during the afternoon press conference.

Williams, who has attended several demonstrations in Ferguson, Mo., told police that he fired shots at someone he had a dispute with, and hit the officers, who he alleges were not his intended target.

McCulloch said Williams’ story of a dispute with another person — including that he did not target the police — is still part of the investigation, which is ongoing.

A .40 S&W pistol was recovered at Williams’ address that matched the shell casings at the scene, and the pistol will presumably be tested against the bullets recovered from the officers to confirm a ballistic match.

The suspect’s Facebook page isn’t particularly enlightening, but does post a “reenactment“of the Michael Brown shooting, and did make a blustery post about how easy it was to kill that may used against him in court.

Protest leaders are claiming that they’ve never seen Williams before and that he wasn’t one of them, despite what Williams apparently said during his confession about attending multiple protests. If police are taking surveillance video of the protests as I suspect they are, they may be able to place him at previous protests, though I’m not sure that would be germane to the investigation of this shooting.

Is Williams’ claim that he was firing at another person instead of police officers a credible claim? That is something that investigators are going to attempt to sort out. Williams is apparently claiming that he got into a confrontation with criminal mastermind Sumdood. Sumdood is the partner of Dindu Nuffin, whom we’ve written about in the past. Presumably, Sumdood and Dindu Nuffin picked a fight with Williams, positioned themselves between Williams and the police, and then goaded williams into opening fire in self-defense. When Williams opened fire, Sumdood and Dindu Nuffin ducked out of the way, causing the police to be struck. Yeah… that’s exactly what happened.

Williams may face additional charges as the investigation continues, and it remains to be seen if he will face federal charges.